The DL6KA  Antenna:

a Combination of Vertical and delta loop with a length of 73,5 m !

Excelent DX Antenna from 10m to 80m



                    Well you want to know like the aerial DL6KA looks quite fast explained... and slightly copiable....


1.) First take a GFK Tower! 10 m and a simple "GFK" Fishing tele rod 8-9 meters long.

2.) UNUN 4:1 with 2 x FT 240-72 (AMIDON) for 1 KW Peek of HF-power

3.) All-important !

About 20 or more radial 10, 15, 20 m long in the garden
bury as far as possible Radially round the aerial about 10 cm to 20 cm in the earth are laid.
"bury! ".

4.) I have fastened the Unun about 50 cm from earth to the Tower. Here is the feed of the Antenna. I use Cu 6 mm ² PVC in  isolation. In to the N plug the earth net is connected see pictures

5.) 6 mm ² wire to the GFK Tower fasten with insulating tape up to
10 m of brand. Not spirals! In the hinge rod 0.5 mm ² Cu wire up to
Point introduce and on top on it the GFK put the rod . At 10 m
the triangle is connected. The end of the triangle becomes in that
Hinge connected. (Hinge elements with Coroplast protect!)

6.) A ground shell for the firm state of the rod in the property market for 9-15
To get euro. I have concreted a V2A pipe with more than 8 m
GFK Tower one should provide for stability in own interest.

7.) Wire length of the aerial 73.5 m. (10 m Vertically, 56 m Horizontally the lying
Triangle 1.0 mm ², 8 m Vertically)

Resonance by the UnUn on 10-12-15-17-20 m (VSWR 1,2-2,0) 30-160m with tuner

I wish you a lot of fun with the copy!                       




    Here some Pictures for understanding my Antenna !



At the first Day I worked Japan at 80m...!



18m Vertikal


Feeding by UNUN with earthcontact.....! working all Band 10-160m







The DL6KA Antenna is ready since 21.2.2009  !




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